2013 red short hairstyle

On August 17, 2012 by lhairstyle

Rihanna red short hair

Times Square celebrates the opening of a new Ripley’s museum and believe it or not, Kelly Osbourne was there in the epitome of a Kool Aid color. Though she has a punk rock look with this hot pink/red wig that is acceptable in many places, there are still lots of folks who would consider her perfect for Freaky Friday.

Fierce short hairstyles look at their best with a bold hair color. Style chameleon Rihanna makes her bright red hair color even edgier, going for major volume.

Rihanna red short hair

Rihanna, sporting fiery red hair and wrapped in a blanket, arrives back at her London hotel after leaving Mahiki nightclub. Rihanna has apparently dressed up like famous Guns n’ Roses guitarist Slash in her latest music video for the single “Rockstar 101”, in which Slash is featured.

2013 red short hairstyle

Women’s short hairstyles 2012-2013…

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